Will My Vehicle Warranty Still Be Valid If I Ship My Car Abroad? in this year

If you are planning to ship your car overseas in areas that have facilities to provide automotive services, your car’s vehicle warranty issued by your car manufacturer and/or dealer in the United States may not be valid overseas. You should look into buying an extended auto warranty often called an international vehicle warranty before shipping your car overseas. Your automobile manufacturer or dealer can be contacted before you ship your car overseas to find a suitable extended vehicle warranty or an international car warranty.

Shipping your car abroad and hoping to use your U.S. auto manufacturer’s car warranty abroad would not be a wise course of action. Neither would be waiting until your car is abroad before finding an international warranty to buy overseas. You can locate an extended warranty seller online very easily and very economically. Of course, your car warranty should be valid in the United States or else you might want a more expensive vehicle warranty.

Vehicle warranties in the United States and abroad are time oriented. If your auto warranty has expired, you should buy an extended warranty to cover your costs in maintaining your auto before you buy an international vehicle warranty. There are some online sellers of international auto warranties that are very inexpensive. There might be a reason for the low cost of international vehicle warranties. Your best course to insure your overseas experience with your auto is to contact your car’s manufacturer either directly or through your auto dealer and get more detailed information.

Another point to remember is that your automobile warranty in the United States covers your car repairs, usually, only if a manufacturer approved mechanic or garage does the repairs. In many instances, if you use an unauthorized car repair garage, your warranty won’t be valid even here in the United States. Before spending more money on an international vehicle warranty, you might ask whether there are authorized mechanical service areas in the country where you will be shipping your car.

But, if your question is simply will your warranty be valid if you ship your car overseas, the answer is not if you repair your car overseas at an unauthorized dealer or repair shop. There are many expenses involved in shipping a car overseas. One of them is getting an international vehicle warranty. The reason why so many people choose to ship their car overseas is because the cost of buying a car overseas is astounding when compared to the cost of buying a car in the United States. Even with shipping costs and additional auto warranties, it is cheaper to buy a car in the United States than overseas.

Vehicle warranties when used appropriately can make what appears to be a costly repair situation an almost pleasant experience. There are parts of any auto that would cost thousands out of your pocket if they should need repairs. Auto warranties take that burden off of your shoulders or shall we say, your pocket book.

The Unwritten Car Salesman Guide for Green Peas in this year

When you start your new career as a car salesman aka “Green Pea” there is some things that would be helpful to know about selling cars for a living. After you get hired the dealership will have you complete a course in basic car salesman training which is enough to get you started, but not everything you need to become a successful auto sales person. The initial training will help you understand the process of selling cars and why you do what you do and when you do it, but you still have much to learn. A car salesman guide would be beneficial to the new salesman, but these guidelines are often unwritten and not discussed by sales management and staff.

10 Green Pea Tips – Car Salesman Guide

1. Your attitude is everything when you are new to selling cars. Keep your chin up and know that you will make mistakes, just keep moving forward and keep a positive attitude. The key point of this car salesman guide for Green Peas is a positive attitude and why it’s number one in the list.

2. The first 30 days is an unofficial test of the salesman, this is when the new auto salesman will either sink or swim. Not everyone can make the cut (quitting or continuing), but if you understand that the first 30 days is about learning the process and techniques of selling cars you will be ahead of the game.

3. No matter how good you think you are it takes 30 to 90 days to get up to speed. During that time you will not make a fortune and a very important part of the car salesman guide to remember when you start. Commit to at least 90 days before you make any decision whether car sales is for you (it gets easier after 90 days).

4. You are responsible for your own car sales training from now on, you need to observe the other sales people and adjust accordingly. Pay close attention to the top car sales people and learn from them.

5. Some your fellow sales people will feel threatened by new sales people so tread lightly and don’t expect too much help from the other sales people.

6. Product knowledge is important, but learning the dealership’s sales process is more important at this point in time. You can focus on product knowledge once you learn the ropes.

7. Listen closely to your customer because they will tell how to sell them a car. A very common saying and a part of all car sales guides.

8. You don’t need to talk all the time. You should be listening twice as much as you talk.

9. Look your customer in the eye and pay attention to their reactions and body language.

10. Choose you words very carefully, because you can turn off your car buyer with a poor choice of words and they will tell you that they will be back, but they won’t! A lesson you will learn quickly with or without this car salesman guide.

Read over and get familiar with these tips and car salesman guidelines and you will be miles ahead of the other Green Peas. Keep your head in the game and approach your car buyers with enthusiasm, because enthusiasm sells cars. A positive attitude will get you farther in your new car sales career than anything else. One final car salesman guide tip and the most important of all is to never give up. I have seen many promising new car salesmen quit before they gave a career selling cars a chance. There is a fortune to be made as a car salesman, but you need to stick it out through the toughest period which is the first 90 days, after that it gets easier and more lucrative.

How Your Choice in Cars Reflects Your Personality in this year

Automobiles have become an integral part of our society. Intended to be used as a tool to get from point A to point B cars have extended their use in today’s society.

This article discusses a few points on car selection and personality. Cars have long stopped being tools that get us from one point to another and have transformed into status symbols and reflect the driver’s values and personality.

Often people judge a person by the car they drive. If you are stepping out a Bentley for example, you would garner much respect from just about anyone who witnesses you getting out of the car.

The condition and look of your car has extended the mantra of your discipline being reflected on how your wear your clothes. Being seen parking a dirty car is the equivalent to going to the office in a disheveled suit. Analogously, alighting from an impeccably detailed car is the prim and proper look that many office executives are known for.

In fact nowadays what you drive adds more to your reputation than what you wear. Studies have shown than rides reflect more of the personality of the person than clothes. Cars have ceased becoming tools and have transcended into the realm of lifestyle.

Playboys want fast looking coupes while daddies are opting to get minivans. Buicks are said to cater to the less internet savvy drivers compared to Honda which has an overwhelmingly digital age buyer group.

This trend even goes to driving tendencies. Sports cars owners tend to be a little less patient on the stop light than station wagon drivers. The gigantic proportions of some SUVs tend to make their owners bully smaller sized vehicles in rush hour traffic.

Brands like Lexus are tend to be bought by wealth and well educated owners. Aside from that demographic the brand caters mostly to married couples. This reflects stability and a more settled down personality for the buyers.

Your choices in the car you are driving very much reflect your personality. Stop thinking of your car as something that takes from one place to another but take great care in choosing your car. You may not think it matters but your peers will gauge your personality on the car you drive.

Pros and Cons of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships in this year

Bad credit score may cause hassles for car buyers. BHPH car dealerships offer purchasers with bad credit score access to autos that they could not typically qualify for. Buy here pay here car dealerships will finance your car loan via their dealer. Instead of acquiring approved for a car loan via a lender, purchasers acquire and repay the loan via the buy here pay here car dealership.

There is nothing like the liberty and opportunity that having your own car gives you. For car purchasers with bad credit, BHPH car dealerships might be the only option. If banks have turned you down for a car loan checkout this website to find buy here pay here car dealerships near you. They know that low credit can stand in the way of getting a car, and they are here to help.

Hopes of owning a car can be ruined within instantly after many lenders have declined your car loan application. With the difficult fiscal times that we are upon us in the United States tons of car loan applications are rejected on a daily basis. The banks and finance companies use the credit scores to estimate whether an application is dependable to repay an auto loan. BHPH car dealerships can help high-quality persons who are having a challenging time. Banks and finance companies will not see beyond the credit score in an effort to help a person get a car.

Here are the pros and cons:

Pro: Buy here pay here car dealerships are readily accessible and increasing in popularity and are the quickest growing part of the auto sales market. They can found in all 50 states including: California, Florida, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Some cities with the most are: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago have over a dozen buy here pay here car dealerships.

Pro: Buy here pay here car dealerships specialize in car buyers with bad credit. BHPH dealerships get the financial details out of the way first and aid buyers in determining how much you can practically afford to pay for a car. This is more advantageous than typical car dealerships that will first attempt to sell you a car only to discover later that you can’t get a car loan with bad credit.

Con: Buy here pay here dealerships are limiting in that the buyer can only pick from the cars that they have in inventory on at their dealership at that time. The amount of the buyer’s down payment will most likely determine the amount they are able to finance. You most likely have to choose a car that falls inside a particular price range.

Pro: Buy here pay here car dealerships will most likely pledge to finance buyers. This eliminates buyers the time of filling out car loan applications at dealers and being rejected over and over.

Con: Buy here pay here dealerships charge elevated interest rates than a bank would for a car loan. For purchasers with bad credit, BHPH dealerships could be their only source.

So is it an advantageous idea to obtain a car from BHPH dealerships? If you do have bad credit score and you need dependable transportation on a restricted finances then they are just want you need. If you do not have bad credit score buyers will find that a typical car dealer could be capable to offer you a more advantageous choice, a decreased interest rate, and a decreased monthly payment.

Breathable Car Covers Vs. Non-Breathable 100% Water Proof Covers: Their Pros and Cons in this year

What good is a waterproof car cover if it doesn’t allow your car to breathe underneath it? There are a lot of things that can happen to a car if it does not have enough breathing space underneath car covers of your choice. Covers for cars are important especially when you do not have a garage. However there are some covers that are good for cars and then others that may further damage them. This is where the argument between which cover for cars is better, the breathable covers or the non-breathable fully water proof covers come in.

What makes the breathable covers better for cars? Why should you avoid the non-breathable waterproof covers for cars? Here are some pros and cons that each of these two kinds of car covers has. These might help you decide which among them to choose from when you decide on buying a good, high-quality cover that can thoroughly protect your precious automobile.

  • One of the pros of getting a breathable cover for vehicles is that it quickly dries up any condensation or moisture that forms in the car as it does its job of covering it. Moisture can easily corrupt the parts of the car that are made of steel, leading it to rust so easily. It can also slowly eat up the paint job on your car when the car is moist for a long period of time, perhaps even after the rain has gone. Any car owner would like to avoid this which is why they would choose to get the breathable car covers over the non-breathable water proof ones. 100% waterproof covers for cars do not have any room underneath it left for cars to breathe from.
  • A breathable cover does not protect a car from water or moisture like how the 100% water proof covers do. This is the only con for breathable covers for cars although many would still prefer these because of their ability to dry the moisture quickly before any type or kind of corrosion occurs in the car. Your car would still get wet even if you decide to go for the breathable covers.
  • 100% waterproof covers can lead moisture and condensation to form and remain on the car after rains, leading the these wet or moist portions of the car to slowly corrode. This is something that one needs to take note when choosing between a car cover that is fully waterproof and those that allow your car some breathing space. It is important to zero in on the moisture that may or may not form on your vehicle with its cover on because this is what easily destroys its paint job and such. You’ll have to choose wisely between these two kinds of covers when you want your car to continue looking new in the following few days, weeks and even months.

Now that you have learned moisture is an important factor to note when buying car covers, then you can start looking for the right cover to buy. When choosing between the two kinds of car cover, make sure that you know your car well and how moisture can affect it in a certain period of time. Getting any of these two covers can help you maintain the good condition of your vehicle.

Car Magnets Or Car Window Decals: Which Should I Choose? in this year

There’s a common car sign question to which many people don’t know the answer: Car magnets or car window decals-which should I choose? Both are popular products which are relatively-inexpensive and fully-customizable, so what’s the difference between the two? Here is an evaluation of both car magnets and car window decals which highlights the benefits and drawbacks of each product, so that you may make an education decision when purchasing car signage.

Car Magnets

  • Definition – A magnetic material that is specifically-formulated for use outdoors. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, but 30 mil is the most-common and strongest for vehicle use. Common sizes are 12″x18″, 12″x24″, and 18″x24″, but it’s always a good idea to measure the area of the vehicle to which you will be applying your car magnet and then order a custom size to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Pros – With proper storage, car magnets are fully-reusable as they can be taken off the vehicle and reapplied. They are also quite affordable.
  • Cons – Car magnets do not work for non-metal vehicles (fiberglass and plastic), and they must be applied to a flat, smooth area on the vehicle, which can sometimes limit the size.
  • Applications – If want temporary signage, car magnets are a great choice. If you use your personal vehicle for work purposes, the removability of magnetic signs is great, as you can take them off when you’re not at work. Some HOAs and neighborhood associations prohibit vehicle signage when at home, so magnets are a great solution for this problem (ordering magnets which can be removed while at home or ordering blank magnets to cover up more-permanent vehicle advertising).

Car Window Decals

  • Definition – A variety of materials are available, but the most-popular and easiest to use is a perforated adhesive film called one-way vision. The size of the decal depends on the size and shape of your vehicle’s rear windshield, unless you choose to order a centerpiece.
  • Pros – Since most rear windshields are fairly upright, these decals are highly-visible to passing motorists. The perforated material is see-through from the inside but allows for full-color printing on the outside.
  • Cons – These decals are adhesive, and thus are not removable and reusable (like magnets). Depending on the size you order, they can also be more expensive.
  • Applications – If you want to promote your business’s products and services, choose a car window decal for maximum exposure. If you’re looking for something you can install once and be done, an adhesive decal such as this is the perfect product.

When choosing which car sign to order, consider two things: 1) reusability and 2) ease of installation. Car magnets can easily be removed and reused, but they do require maintenance and must be stored in a safe, flat place. If you’re looking for a one-time application, go with car window decals. Remember, however, because car window decals have an adhesive, they are not removable and reusable.

10 Interesting Facts About Rolls-Royce in this year

New York, Paris and London chauffeur services use them and the rich and famous love them. The Rolls-Royce brand is synonymous with prestige and luxury and when you think of one of their cars you cannot help but associate quality.

For such a well established brand there are still many facts that most people are un-aware of.

1. Did you know Rolls-Royce should always be written with a hyphen in the middle to reflect both the founders’ surnames?

2. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce founded the company over a hundred years ago in 1906. Incidentally a photo of the Charles Rolls and Henry Royce was never taken of them together.

3. More than six out of 10 Rolls-Royce cars ever sold are still roadworthy. The oldest still on the road is a 1904 10hp owned by Thomas Love Jr. of Perth, Scotland.

4. One of the first Rolls-Royce cars to be developed was the Rolls-Royce 10 which stood for 10 horse power. This was sold for £395.00 back in 1904 and is equivalent to £32,000, only 16 were made.

5. The mission and objective of the car manufacturer set out by the founders as a company was to provide a tangible transport alternative to horses and trains. When the company was first created the horse and carriage was still the main mode of transport.

6. Arguably the most famous Rolls-Royce car model is the Silver Ghost, 6,000 were originally made and the Ghost part of the name signified the quietness of the engine. The success of the Silver Ghost led Rolls-Royce to open a second factory in Springfield, Massachusetts but closed down after 10 years because people in the USA preferred the British made cars.

7. The Rolls-Royce R engine is the only engine to obtain land, air and water speed records.

8. The famous Rolls-Royce emblem was designed by Charles Sykes and is called the “Spirit of Ecstasy” and no two figurines look the same. Incidentally Henry Royce disliked the figurine stating it ruined the cars lines.

9. The famous car manufacturer actually stopped manufacturing cars in 1971 after the company was crippled by the development of the RB211 jet engine. The company restarted manufacturing of their cars when they were taken over by various other firms such as Vickers, BMW and Volkswagen.

10. Nowadays this famous car manufacturer which is now owned by BMW is as strong as ever and makes cars which are shipped all over the world. In 2009 they sold 1,212 Phantoms to the rich and famous including P Diddy, David Beckham and Simon Cowell to name just a few. A large amount of sales can be attributed to wedding and chauffeur companies all over the world buying their luxurious vehicles to hire out. You can find them in lots of major cities all over the world and many London chauffeur services provide Rolls-Royce phantoms for hire for up to £1200 per day.

Prevent Car Theft With Glass Etching in this year

Phoenix, Arizona, achieves #4 in the list of top 10 cities with the highest vehicle theft! (2004 National Insurance Crime Bureau [NICB])

In 2002, Arizona had the highest car theft rate in the United States, with the vast majority occurring in Maricopa and Pima Counties. According to the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA), “a vehicle theft occurs every nine minutes and 16 seconds.” This causes an estimated economic loss of $3.7M to residents of Arizona in 2002 alone!

Don’t be another statistic!

Help to deter theft by etching your auto glass with traceable numbers. This procedure is highly recommended by the NICB, police departments and insurance companies for effectiveness. Although vehicle manufacturers mark some parts, it’s not enough. By permanently installing visible VIN and serial numbers into your vehicle’s glass, you can greatly reduce auto theft and aid in recovery.

You can visit your local auto dealership or window tinting/glass repair facility; or you can do it yourself with an etching kit found on many different websites. In addition to glass etching, the NICB also recommends other popular visible or audible devices such as audible alarms, steering-column collars and locks, wheel locks, theft-deterrent decals and ID markers on the car.

Auto glass etching entails chemically marking the automobile with its own unique vehicle identification number (VIN) on all windows, including sunroofs and T¬-Tops. The chemical process of etching involves using a mild acid that reacts only to the glass. Etching all the glass windows makes the vehicles less wanted by car thieves. The actual etching is small and does not mark or deface the window, but is one of the first details most car thieves see before attempting to steal a vehicle.

The recommended areas to be etched include the following:

  • Front Windshield – drivers side in lower corner by factory VIN number.
  • Side Windows – lower corner, near door lock or handle.
  • Rear Window – driver’s side in lower corner or towards the middle, lower edge.

These are the following steps for the glass etching kit for those handy, do-it-yourself types:

  1. Clean area to be etched with glass cleaner – Remove the blue stencils from the white backing paper and apply to the outside of window glass in the desired locations. With fingertips, gently “pat” the stencil to ensure that it is in full contact with glass, paying specific attention to the area where the VIN number has been cut into the stencil.
  2. Apply a film of etch cream – brush both left and right completely covering all characters.
  3. After etching cream has been on for 5 to 7 minutes: Carefully remove and discard all stencils into a plastic bag or container. Spray etched area with plain water or glass cleaner and wipe dry with paper towel. Repeat process for all windows.
  4. Warning decals – Apply to inside of windows in conspicuous locations. Suggested location: near handles on front doors.
  5. Complete the Insurance “Proof of Etch” certificate.

However, it is recommended to have this done by a licensed professional as this process requires a very steady hand and must be done under optimum conditions.For example; do not etch glass in direct sunlight on very hot days, when the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or in very windy or wet conditions.

Mastering Your Clutch Control in this year

Understanding how the clutch works must be done in a students first lesson. Without a good explanation the students can struggle with the rest of their driving career.

The clutch is a device for connecting and disconnecting the power from engine to the road wheels.  The clutch is made up of two round plates. One plate is connected to the engine and spins all the time the engine is running. The other plate is connected via the gearbox to the road wheels. The clutch is operated with the ball of the left foot. Always keep the heel of your foot on the floor and bend the ankle to control your clutch.  When your foot is away from the clutch pedal, the clutch plates are sprung loaded together which means the power can get from the engine through to the road wheel.

However as soon as you put your foot on the clutch pedal and push the pedal right to the floor. The plates separate making a disconnection from the engine and the road wheels. Now pushing the pedal to the floor to separate the plates is not a problem you can do this very quickly, the problem comes when you need to bring the plates back together again. You can not just bring the foot straight off of the pedal because the force of the plates springing back together could cause the engine to stop running or “stall” is what we call in the trade. So you need to bring the foot up slowly until the two plates just touch each other. The place at where the plates just touch we call the biting point. Now you will know when you have the biting point because when the plates just touch it will slow the engine down some what and you should hear the engine note slow down as well, that’s how you will know you have the biting point.

Then if you bring your foot up a millimetre more or so you will find the driving point the driving point is the bit when the car will just start to move. You will know when you have the driving point because if the  handbrake was on you will feel the back of the sit as the car tries to pull away.Once you have the driving point keep your foot still again until the car moves from a standstill to about a walking speed then you can take your foot fully away from the clutch and rest it to the side of the pedal. Do this method every time you move away and your clutch control will be easier and quicker.

Simple Modifications to Enhance the Performance of Ferrari Cars in this year

Tuning the car engine for enhancing its performance has become the hottest topic in the cyber world among the motors throughout the world. An interesting fact about the tuning is that it is not able to enhance the performance of old cars but also in the newly launched cars, that are endorsed to empowered with powerful engines. Well, this is quite surprising that why an owner of the newly purchased car will prefer to enhance the power of his car that is already equipped with a powerful engine. Interestingly an answer to this question in simple words is to enjoy its full potential.

This is mainly because of the strategy adopted by the manufacturer of the particular car, that restricts them to launch their car by minimizing its actual performing parameters. The reason behind this logic is the driving conditions like the quality of fuel, condition of the road, traffic condition etc prevailing in different countries. Let for instance talk about the cars developed by Italian car maker Ferrari. The cars manufactured by maker are known for their powerful engines that are capable of touching the mark from 0 to 100 km/hr in the span of fewer than 5 seconds. Going through this these cars are mainly purchased by expert motorists, who prefer to drive their car competing with the speed of wind.

But, surprisingly some of the Ferrari owners are not even satisfied the delivered performance and wish to get more their beloved car, and therefore going through this requirement they are always on hunting the methods that are able to derive desired results from their car. One more interesting factor about tuning is that if you own any of the classic Ferrari cars, then by getting it tuned through an expert technician you can convert it into the F1 sports car.

Let us now move towards the Ferrari tuning methods that are helpful in enhancing its performance according to the expectations of its owners.

  1. Tuning and upgrading the existing engine system: Tuning engine refers to updating the existing software program installed in the engine control unit with a new software program. This can be done by either replacing the existing tuning box with new tuning box or by rewriting the existing program with a new one. Both these methods have their individual pros and cons, where the former is easy to carry out and facilitates the car owner to re-install the rolled out tuning box back if he is not satisfied the results delivered by the new box. The latter method is complex and needs to be carried out by an expert technician. The drawback of this method is that you cannot install the phased out software program, in case if you are not satisfied with the new program. It would be interesting to know that both the methods are helpful in enhancing the power and torque generation efficiency of the vehicle.

Apart, from both these methods, there is one more method which generally is related with replacing the existing engine configuration with the more powerful engine. The worth mentioning the feature of this process is that you are able to enjoy the results that are endorsed for the newly configured engine.

  1. Upgrading the transmission system: Once you have got your car Ferrari tuned according to your requirements, it will be imperative for you to change its existing transmission system, that is suitable to its newly tuned engine. Doing this will help you in driving your car to its fullest speed at top gears according to engine requirements.
  2. Cosmetic updates: Tuning the car although refers to upgrading the engine configurations, it also requires additional updates also. To enjoy the expected results of tuned engine you also need to modify the existing infrastructure of your car so that it does not put extra load on the performance of the upgraded engine. For that, you should try to minimize the weight of your car by installing carbon fibre wheels rather than existing carbon alloy wheels.