Famous Faces for Cheap Auto Insurance

While cheap auto insurance may not be the most glamorous subject, policies and premiums do take on new appeal when a familiar face gets your attention. But how effective are celebrity car insurance campaigns, really?

Lohan and Esurance

Lindsay Lohan is just one of the celebrities who has recently been associated with car insurance. Lohan has had her moments as a driver herself. Perhaps it is this backstory that might make her more relatable when it comes to selling cheap auto insurance. With her history of DUIs, you take notice if she has found a car insurance company that she likes. Of course, you know that stars are paid to promote the products, but an insurance company willing to cover such a high-profile poor driver still appeals to the viewers who have trouble finding insurance coverage themselves because of past transgressions.


While Geico insurance ads may be best known for the little adorable gecko that shares a similar name, celebrities have graced the company with their images in the past. Many fans will remember having average people providing testimonials with celebrities sitting beside them, making the testimonial more interesting. Some of those faces included Little Richard, Joan Rivers and Peter Frampton. All were notable names recognized by many.

Famous Faces of Insurance

Some people have become celebrities because of their affiliation with car insurance companies. The most notable in this category is Flo from Progressive. While the actress and comedian who plays Flo, Stephanie Courtney, has had other success, she is most well-known for the bubbly insurance salsesperson.

Another face – and voice – that is associated with insurance is Dennis Haysbert with Allstate. He had roles in the Major League movies and played in the television series 24. However, when you see his face and hear his distinctive voice, you think of him as the "Allstate man."

Lack of Success

Not every paring of car insurance and famous spokesperson has been a success. For instance, State Farm Insurance used Lebron James, a famous basketball player, in an advertisement. While you may not consider the campaign a dismal failure, his ads were not a standout in most people's minds. Many experts say that's because basketball and car insurance don't fit together. The combination didn't impress viewers or stick out in their minds when they were shopping for car insurance, even though both the provider and the celebrity were strong on their own.

Another example of a pairing that didn't win over people is Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Nationwide Auto Insurance. Even though a racecar driver and car insurance should be the perfect combination, the attempt to be funny took away from the purpose of the ad.

Marketers who want to sell a necessary but boring product like cheap auto insurance must know who to use as a spokesperson and how to pair them. A winning combination like Flo and Progressive can enhance the image of the product and appeal to people looking for car insurance. The wrong pairing just wastes advertising money and can even turn buyers off.

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