Why Does My Car have Two Fuse Panels? in this year

Depending on the year fuse boxes became of an importance to you, you may have never noticed a car with one fuse box. I will start this article with a brief historical introduction then get down to the business of one versus two fuse boxes.

Most car manufactured in the US, or are of an American brand at one point only had one fuse box. As a matter of fact, up until late 1980s the aforementioned cars had only one fuse box inside the car. On the other side of the ocean, the Japanese and European rivals had started to use 2 fuse panels almost a decade earlier. They had added a fuse box under the hood for engine related circuits. Back then the American manufactures were protecting the high amperage circuits by using special pieces of wires called fusible links. These wires were designed to melt upon experiencing an overload.

Now days almost every car is designed and manufactured with 2 fuse boxes or panels, one inside the car, and another under the hood. Even though a specific fuse may be under the hood in a car, it may be inside the car in another. However, the general rule is that the interior panel includes fuses for the headlights, heater, radio, windows, seats, defroster, sun roof etc. in other words the interior panel is going to have fuses related to the bells and whistles of the car. On the other hand the panel or box under the hood normally facilitates engine related fuses, such as the ignition, injectors, fuel pump, braking system etc.

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Tarps For Covering Roof Racks in this year

Tarps are an absolutely wonderful tool for a variety of uses. Tarps can be used as a temporary method to keep your items dry and protected.

Here is a scenario you may find yourself in. It is time for family vacation. You have the SUV loaded with camping gear and have absolutely no more space inside the vehicle. You are going to have to put the rest of your stuff on the roof racks. The problem is there has been a bad spell of weather recently and you obviously can’t afford to have your valuable possessions rained on, exposed to the burning sun, or be whipped with dust and other particles in the unforgiving wind. The solution is easy. Find some tarps for covering the roof racks. A tarp is relatively inexpensive and is designed to protect your belongings.

Tarp vendors is a wonderful place to find the perfect tarp. They offer a very large selection of tarps for every possible use. Maybe you are concerned about money. You want something that will get the job done but not lighten your wallet. Tarp suppliers offer a great selection of economy tarps. The great thing about buying a tarp is that you will always need it again. They have such a variety of uses that you will surely find yourself in need of the tarp that you purchased again and you will be very happy that you invested in it. But maybe money isn’t your primary concern. Maybe your primary concern is making sure that your belongings are protected. Tarp vendors offer super heavy duty tarps that will keep your things bone dry and in perfect condition. On line suppliers have tarps that will mitigate any need that you have. They have flame retardant tarps, lumber tarps, hurricane tarps, tarps for canopies, ice rink tarps, portable garage/shelter canopy tarps, sun shade mess tarps and many more.

Just remember that Tarp suppliers offer more than just tarps for covering roof racks. Perhaps you have a vehicle that has broken down and you need to keep dry until you repair it or find something to do with it. Buying a sun shade mesh tarp from an online Tarp company is an affordable and effective solution. It will save you time and money. Perhaps your garage is filled beyond its capacity with storage items. You have a very large amount of space in your backyard but you need good protection from the weather. A heavy duty or super heavy duty tarp will solve your problem quickly without costing you huge amounts of time. You will find a solution for whatever need you have with Tarpaflex. Discover the practicality and affordability of purchasing a tarp.

Left Hand Drive Vs Right Hand Drive Jeeps in this year

One among the highly debated topics among vehicle lovers is whether to go for right hand drive or left hand drive vehicles. The debate has propelled due to the entry of JDM (Japan domestic market) vehicles. Let us take wrangler -RHD JEEP as our topic of interest and discuss. The choice depends on various factors. First of all it depends on the country you reside. If it follows Right hand side roadside techniques, it is good to have steering at the right. There are so many instances of accidents just because the countries roadside traffic is not designed having RHD safety in mind. Secondly, it depends on whether you are a right hander/left hander. Generally a right hander prefers to have left steering and have his gear shifts at right. Thirdly, it depends on how comfortable you are with right side gear/left side gear. Ideally speaking if you have learnt in a RHD vehicle despite being a right hander, chances are more that you still prefer RHD for driving.

LHD jeeps are costlier than RHD jeeps provided they have the same configuration. On the other hand the resale value of RHD jeep is quite low and to carry out the task is quite tough. There are misconceptions that the RHD vehicle has different gear shift positions against LHD vehicle. The only difference is the change in steering location. Going down technical, if you are so obsessive about buying a JDM -RHS jeep to USA , then you have to analyze yourself well before proceeding whether to retain the same RHS steering or not.

A conversion from RHD to LHD and vice versa is possible now. The conversion spectrum includes changing dashboard, repositioning clutches, wipers, brake systems, firewalls and the door panels. Some changes are specific to the car design. It is always important to carry out analysis before buying a RHD vehicle and conduct test drives so that you are sure that you are not taking a risk for which you will lament later!

DIY Tips to Clean Electric Fuel Pump Filter in this year

Fuel pump filter is a small, yet one of the critical components of your car. The purpose of having a fuel pump filter in a vehicle is to stop impurities from reaching the car’s engine. If the fuel pump filter is dirty and clogged, the engine will have starting problems and the engine stops intermittently while running. So, it is important to keep it clean.

Now that you know what is fuel pump filter and importance of keeping it clean, you are all set to get started on cleaning it. But wait, do you know the process and order by which the filter has to be cleaned? If the answer is no, then the following section of the article gives you the step-by-step procedure on how to clean electric fuel pump filter by yourself.

DIY tips to clean

Locate fuel pump in the fuel tank

First, you need to figure out where exactly is the fuel pump filter is located in your vehicle. Usually electric filters are either located inside or close to the tank or at the back of the car – it depends on the manufacturer and model of the car.

Disconnect battery first

This is very important, first you need to disconnect the battery before you start the cleaning procedure because as it is an electric pump, any small spark can ignite the fuel.

Block the fuel pipes to avoid fuel gushing

As you have disconnected the battery, you need to stop fuel from gushing out of the disconnected fuel pipes. For blocking the fuel pipes you can either insert an old pencil, thin cocks or rubber bungs or something that is handy and can fit your fuel pipes.

Remove and clean all filters with petrol

Make sure all filters are cleaned by washing them with fresh petrol. Always use fresh petrol when cleaning the filters. Properly clean the filters; make sure there is no dirt or other contaminants.

Clean inside of the filter with clean rag

Now that you have washed the filters with petrol, don’t leave the filters drenched in petrol. Get a clean lint-free rag and wipe off the inside of the pump.

Check sealing gaskets

When cleaning the filters, check for the sealing gaskets and make sure they are in a good condition. If they are not in a good condition, replace them. Damaged gaskets would result in fuel leakage during its functioning.

Fix it back

Once you are done with the cleaning of filters, fix them back to their original position with the screws provided. Make sure you don’t over tighten the screws of the cover.

You can plan the cleaning of the filters according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule provided in the owner’s manual.

The Benefits of Using the HKS SSQV BOV on a Turbo Car in this year

When you are purchasing parts and putting together a turbo system, the blow off valve is a fairly important part of the system. Not only does it release all the excess pressure built up in the intercooler piping after the intake manifold closes, but a turbo BOV also creates a unique BOV sound, which can make your car sound like it’s quality tuned and unique. The HKS Super SQV (SSQV) turbo blow off valve is a BOV every turbo tuner should consider purchasing, as this specific BOV has many benefits to its unique construction.

In 1994, HKS released the first blow off valve, the SSQV BOV, containing the “pull” valve design, which was unlike the usual “push” valved blow off valves turbo tuners have always used. The “push” blow off valves have been the traditional type of turbo BOV used and they allow pressure to build up until the valve spring cannot hold anymore pressure, or the valve reaches its threshold, and then pushes the excess pressure out of the valve.

HKS created a design with the “pull” valve system, found on the HKS SSQV BOV, which uses and alters the pressure to pull open a dual valve system. The primary valve is the smaller valve, which opens up during smaller pressure conditions. When heavier pressure conditions are encountered, the SSQV BOV will open the larger, secondary valve, which allows all the excess pressure out during heavier and faster driving conditions.

Having the pull valve system allows the HKS SSQV BOV to prevent leaking, even when the car is idling or under extreme conditions. This system also allows a cleaner, more solid BOV sound, as it releases all the pressure with a fresh tuned sound, once the valve is pulled open.

Importance of Tinted Car Windows in this year

In case you are not a fan of tinted windows for cars, you definitely need to read this article. You would be surprised to know that tinted windows are actually one of the most important car accessories. In fact, I would term tinted windows as a car necessity.

Tinted windows/glasses are stylish and there is no questioning that fact. Different shades of tint make your car more appealing and eye catching. But apart from adding style to your vehicle, they do much more. Let’s discuss a bit about what Tinted Glasses or Tinted Windows mean and how they are advantageous for your car.

Windows are tinted by applying a dyed or colored micro-film coating to the interior of the glass surface. Usually the thin film is made from heat rejecting material and offers protection from sunlight, UV-Rays, Infrared Rays and other forms of radiation. A transparent film coating also does the same job but it may not be termed as a “tint” because it is colorless.

You might be interested to know that a security film may be applied to the glass as an additional coating that prevents it from shattering. This is a useful safety feature that prevents car occupants from harmful injuries due to scattering glass in car collisions.

Back to our topic, tinted windows can be a blessing for you and your car’s interiors. Sounds funny but good quality film coating if applied professionally, can save your car’s interiors and it’s occupants from a lot of harm due to sun’s heat.

Prolonged periods in the sun can deteriorate your car interiors including trims, plastic moldings, upholstery and seat covers. If you have those fancy leather interiors, you need to be more careful because constant exposure to heat can induce weathering in leather materials that may eventually result in cracking and fading of surfaces. Also, a car with leather seat-covers parked in the sun is good enough to cause serious burns if you sit inside without allowing it to cool.

Apart from guarding the privacy of the occupants, tinted glasses avoid break-ins and thefts because crooks can’t see inside your vehicle to know if there are any items inside worth stealing.

Tinted glasses keep your car-cabin cool and hence avoid the need for constant use of air conditioner while you drive. As you would know, less use of air conditioner means more fuel efficiency. Also, tinted mirrors maintain decent comfort levels inside the car-cabin by preventing harmful heat from entering inside. It helps you concentrate on the road instead of huffing and puffing about the weather.

Tinted glasses can prevent your skin from harmful effects of sun’s heat and radiations. In case your skin is photo sensitive, tinted windows are an absolute must for you. Tinted windows also prevent you from any glare emanating from roadside objects making your drive safer.

Investment in good quality window film or tinted glasses can be a great decision that might save you from a lot of needless expenditure later. Choose your tint level according to the laws and regulations in your state and your own comfort levels. Some tints are too dark and impair proper vision while driving in low-light conditions.

I am sure now you will definitely consider getting your car windows tinted and become a fan of it just like me.

James Rodham

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Car Theft Solved by Private Investigators in this year

From time to time, a private investigator might be asked to track down a missing car. A car can be stolen from a public place, private residence, or a car rental agency.

Types of Car Thefts:

During economically challenged times, car thefts increase. Some people try to steal cars from rental agencies by using fake IDs to rent cars, and then simply never return them. Some steal cars for their own use, whether for regular daily use or for transporting contraband and later abandonment. Some turn the stolen vehicles over to chop shops, where the cars will be used for parts. Some just want a car to take on a race or joyride, and will abandon the car after using it for a period of time.

Some will sell a stolen car to an unsuspecting person, who has no idea that he or she just purchased a stolen vehicle. Sometimes, the owner sold the car in good faith to a person who passed a bad cheque. In other cases, a couple may have surrendered their second car to a re-leasing company to cut down on expenses; however, the car may have been leased to a “customer” who disappeared. Thefts may be for convenience – the thief may have some stolen goods to transport.

No matter what the reason for the theft, it’s up to the private investigator to use his or her ingenuity to figure out what happened and track down the car. It’s always a good idea to file a police report first, but because the police might not be able to take the time to track down your vehicle, a good Private Investigator can come in handy.

How We Track Down the Car:

A private investigator will use tools such as phone calls, casual conversations, and interviews. A good Investigator knows how to word questions and statements to get the most cooperation. Most people are shocked if someone they know has stolen a vehicle, and they will want to cooperate. The trick is in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and tracking down hard information that is admissible in a court case.

Investigators can use license plate scanners, GPS tracking that comes with certain cars, handheld devices, cameras mounted on cars, or interviews with anyone whose job requires driving around, such as delivery workers. PI Agencies in some countries might have memberships in professional organizations where information gathered from license plate scanners is stored in a database. Surveillance on public streets is generally legal and does not overstep privacy issues. One popular technique is keep a watchlist of all vehicles reported stolen by owners, and using the scanners to detect license plates of parked vehicles. Since thieves often switch license plates, it can take time.

The human element in the form of social media and community alerts can work wonders, too. Many people have assisted in recovering their own cars by posting pictures of their stolen cars on social media and asking people to share. It’s never a good idea for a friend to confront a car thief, but it can be really useful if they snap pictures or report sightings of the stolen vehicle without getting noticed by the perpetrator.

Clumsy planning on the part of the thief helps, too. Sometimes a thief will falsify an ID card to rent a car that they never return, but use a real address of someone they know. As we interview the person whose address was used, the person might recognize the description of the thief and give us clues as to where to find him or her. We can then conduct a surveillance and get videos of the perpetrator using the stolen car, which will be admissible in court. Once we have enough evidence to stand up in court, we can wait for the perpetrator to turn in for the night and immobilize the car with car boots before there is any attempt to make contact.

Over the years, Private Investigators form relationships with informants. Knowing how to befriend people who can supply information is golden. Cooperation from all sources is the most important key to solving crimes, and a good Private Investigator knows how to form those relationships.

Other sources of information, although not glamorous, are salvage yards, auto manufacturers, trash bins on public streets, and hidden cameras in public areas. We can also keep lists of vehicles with out-of-area registration tags on them, check on the vehicle registration for those tags, and track down the lienholder (lender) for the vehicle. That is public information and we can call the lender to see if the vehicle is stolen.

Another easy way to verify if a car is the one we’re looking for is to check the VIN number, which is often in plain sight on the driver’s side.

Repossession of the Car:

Once the car is located, it can be repossessed rather easily and the Private Investigator and client will agree upon the method in advance. Upon finding the car, it can be booted or disabled before the PI does one of three things depending on what the client wants: knocks on the suspect’s door and asks for the keys, notify the police, or notify the client. It is never a good idea for the client to contact the perpetrator, but the client could contact the police.

If the client is a business such as a rental car agency, the client may instruct the private investigator to repossess the vehicle. A team of two pis will drive to the location, boot the car, and explain to the perpetrator who they are and why they are there. They will cite to the violator the specific vehicle codes that were violated and the jail time or fines attached with such crimes. They will be firm but also very professional. Most perpetrators will hand over the keys without too much fuss once confronted. If not, a tow truck can be called to remove the vehicle. This should not be done without hard evidence and knowing the laws in your area.

How to Prevent Theft:

Most vehicles sold nowadays have key codes or tracking systems such as LoJack or Onstar. Some have microdots that tag individual parts of the car, so they can be identified if the car goes to a chop shop. However, even very sophisticated systems can be bypassed by professional thieves.

The best car theft prevention devices, such as ignition interlock and pedal locks, disable the vehicle so that it can’t be moved without the right key. If your car does not come with these devices, you can buy a self-setting immobilizer. Always lock your vehicle and park in the safest spots you can.

Unfortunately, car thefts are very common. Using reasonable security precautions and keeping a photograph and copies of vehicle registration information can help you in case of a theft. A good Private Investigator will work for your better interests in recovering the car.

Safer Cars Can Also Be Greener and Cheaper Cars To Buy, Drive, and Insure in this year

I remember when compact cars became popular. My parents still stuck to their large sedans because they did not think the smaller cars were safe, and maybe in those days, they had a good point. Of course, I ignored that advice when I was young and chose small, sporty cars. However, when I started picking out cars to drive my own kids around, I did keep their advice in mind and gravitated towards larger cars and mini vans. However, these days, with years of study data from the government, car companies, and car insurance companies, we are finding that the facts tell us that the size of a car does not make it safer or more dangerous.

We all think that having more steel on a frame should provide more protection. However, every car has strong points and weak points, and it is the design of the car with safety features that make a car safe. Some big, heavy SUVs tend to roll over or break in vulnerable places, and so they have caused more injuries and deaths than some smaller cars with a better design.

Of course, large cars also have other issues that make them expensive to drive. They tend to use more fuel, and most of us take that into account these days when we consider how much it will cost us to operate a car. Of course, any car that uses more fuel, will not be as environmentally friendly. So if you consider the cost to buy, cost to operate, and the cost to the environment, you will find that many SUVs and very large cars are expensive, indeed. If you are not paying extra for safety, then it may be a lot harder to justify your decision.

Big vehicles also tend to do more damage to any other car or property they have an accident with. So insurance companies charge more for car insurance because they know they will have higher claims amounts. So if everybody decided to buy smaller, lighter, and better designed cars, we would all have a much safer world to drive in.

Before you buy a large car, truck, or SUV because you assume it is safer, please go do some research. The government runs safercar.gov which publishes crash test and real world statistics online. Of course, car insurance companies keep very good records, because they base part of the price they charge you upon the safety of a car. Before you buy, you may also want to compare the price of premiums for different car choices.

What Does an Automotive Service Manager Do? in this year

The automotive service manager is the person that is responsible for the supervision of the service department for an auto dealer. They act as go-between for the customer, mechanic, and an auto dealer. The major part of their duties includes customer satisfaction and customer relations. They are ultimately the individual who is responsible for productivity and profitability of the service department. Part of this responsibility includes sales, and keeping all customer service records.

This individual is also in charge of supervising all elements of safety as they pertain to maintenance of customers’ autos. As part of their duty they supervise the complete mechanical process, assuring only the highest level quality service is provided. They are responsible for the inspection of every vehicle that has been repaired or worked on within the service department and are also responsible for selecting an individual who oversees this in their absence.

The automotive service manager must be an individual who is able to focus on several different things at the same time. This includes the supervision of all personnel, the service department, and hiring and supervising. They also must keep track of all service data files that documents any pertinent information retained to employees, including reviews and raises.

The service manager ensures the dealer at the service department obtains the goals of the dealership as they pertain to the budget. In many cases, they may be expected to create and monitor a marketing plan that involves the creation of current and recurring business. For many automotive dealers service, customers typically consist of individuals who have purchased cars in the dealer. You may also be required to generate this information from outside the current clientele.

New vehicles repairs are typically covered by warranties. It is the responsibility of the service department manager to understand the intricacies of all warranties and to inform the staff of this information. Service managers must also beware of any information obtained relative to recalls.

Typical service managers have a background in automotive repair and will most likely have worked for the dealer he is now employed by. Some dealerships hire from outside of their service staff if it does not create a conflict between employees. No matter where they have gotten their training, it is necessary that this individual has years of experience as a mechanic. Usually it is desired that this experience is on the brand of cars the dealer carries.

This position is typically a well-paid position and, in many cases, includes a respectable benefits package. In many instances this individual will receive a demo car and full medical and dental benefits. Being promoted for this position can be lucrative and rewarding for an experienced mechanic.

Researching and Buying New Or Used Cars Online at Great ‘No Reserve’ Prices in this year

The days of spending hour after hour for days walking through car lots are all but gone. The modern car purchaser has many tools at his disposal. The chief tool is the internet.

People can now watch videos to see reviews of cars from real owners and in some cases, they can see videos of the cars they are considering purchasing.

The most popular use of the internet, however, is looking for cars for sale online. There are millions of searches monthly for cars for sale and specifically for no reserve cars.

A no reserve auction means that the lowest current bid for the item wins. There is no reserve price that a bidder must bid above.

People are looking for car auctions with no reserve pricing for two reasons. First, they are trying to get the best deal possible. If nobody else enters a bid, and the auction was listed for a very low initial bid, they can get great deals for potentially thousands below the value of a car.

The other reason people look at no reserve car auctions is to establish a comparison price with other cars. They know that they shouldn’t just assume that a car has a great price because it is in a no reserve auction, but they can compare it to other cars for the best deal possible.

It would be easy to assume that only private sellers are selling their cars online, but dealers are selling new and used cars online. Some of these dealers go the extra mile for the internet sale.

For the modern car buyer, looking for best pricing on autos or looking for antique, classic, or exotic cars that are difficult to find locally, online auctions are a powerful tool.