Top 10 Best-Selling Motorcycle Brands in this year

In addition to the Japanese Big Four (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha), the list of top-selling motorcycle manufacturers includes companies based in Italy, the U.S., Austria, and the UK.


Honda’s motorcycle division sells more than 15 million motorcycles annually, which makes it world’s leading manufacturer. One of the factors driving the company’s sales is its popularity in Asian markets. Yet Honda also dominates in North America.


The Italian brand headquartered in Bologna manufactures motorcycles since 1935. Ducati is known for its powerful sport bikes. The company has a long and successful racing history, which started in 1951. Today it spends over 7% of its revenues on racing business. The brand belongs to Audi through its subsidiary Lamborghini.


Great 20th-21st century history and exhilarating riding experience give Harley-Davidson the status of the legend bike company. This brand is familiar almost to everybody, even those who have never ridden a bike in their lives.


Yamaha bikes are known for excellent performance, ride quality and comparatively easy handling. Yamaha is almost as successful as another famous Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Moreover, the number of dirt bikes it sells exceeds Honda and Yamaha combined.


The Motorcycle & Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries gained recognition as a manufacturer of a wide range of bikes, from very small to sport ones. These motorcycles are loved all over the world for their powerful and reliable engines, capable of developing great speed. There are production sites in Japan, North America, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.


One more representative of the Japanese Big Four. The GSXR 750 and the DR 400 are among the most popular Suzuki motorcycles. The company has over 35 production facilities in more than 20 countries.


During its first years the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer specialized in 2-stroke and 4-stroke off-road motorcycles, but in the course of time its product range grew wider. In addition to dirt bikes, it now includes street motorcycles and sports cars. The brand belongs to CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited.

BMW Motorrad

BMW is one of the oldest motorcycles manufacturers. The company’s first bike was made in 1923. BMW Motorrad is famous for its road bikes, sports-touring bikes and sport bikes. Some of the most well-known models are the GS Adventure, the S 1000 REFRIGERATORS, and the K1600.


The largest motorcycle maker in the UK, Triumph specializes in road bikes that belong to the cruiser, naked, and sport classes. The Triumph brand is owned by BMW.


Victory is a comparatively new brand, it started production of motorcycles in 1998. Its large-displacement cruisers are famous all over the world. The company based in the U.S. has its final assembly facility in Iowa.

Bumpers: Its Importance, Functions and Where to Find Replacement Bumpers in this year

Bumpers are one of the most essential auto parts. They serve both an aesthetic and practical function. They are also important safety features. Bumpers are made of heavy sheet metal and are mounted on the front and rear of the car. Bumpers are bent and formed into specific shapes in order to absorb and deliver momentum during a collision. In the event of a collision, the bumper absorbs some of the impact, which decreases damage to the car and its occupants. It also protects the front of the car by diverting all of the car’s momentum to the object with which it has collided. The bumper is mounted to the car’s chassis with special impact absorbers. These shock absorbers are often spring loaded. In slow speed collisions, this allows the bumper to compress, and then extend back to its original position. All bumpers are designed to absorb the energy of the impact. They do this through a series of valves and air chambers.

Some car bumpers have hydraulic chambers. In the event of a collision, the absorption unit allows air and/or hydraulic fluid to pass through small openings. Forcing the air/fluid through the valve openings absorbs the energy from the collision. The bumper’s job is to minimize damage, primarily to the occupants of the vehicle and to the vehicle itself. US law requires cars to pass special crash tests at various speeds.

In order to pass, the car’s damage level during the crash must be below a specific dollar level. This protects the consumer and is very important for keeping the cost of automobile insurance to a minimum. Sometimes bumpers are constructed with built-in “crumple zones.” Crumple zones are designed to absorb impact; they will flex on impact. As the metal flexes, the action of the bending metal converts the kinetic energy of the car into heat. Kinetic energy is the energy an object possesses while it is in motion.

GM automobiles are all equipped with capable bumpers that help protect the vehicle from serious damages in the event of a collision. However, like all auto parts, bumpers will eventually get damaged or defective due to accidents, wear and tear and corrosion. Usually such damages will weaken the bumper’s ability to absorb the shock of collision. Thus, it is a necessity to replace old and damaged bumpers with a new one. Replacement GM Bumpers can be purchased from auto parts dealers everywhere. However, to be sure of quality and durability, purchase only from a reliable and trustworthy auto parts store with an established reputation.

Get Involved – Advice For the Entry Level Drag Racer in this year

So you have the car and the desire but you currently lack the right direction in where to show off your hot rod. Pointing newcomers in the right direction is something I can assist with. However, the desire to put forth an effort and build a suitable car that you enjoy is truly in your hands. Assuming you already have the race car, then you are right on your way to being ready to make your drag strip debut.

Making the choice to take your car to the drag strip is a wise one. The alternate, illegal street racing is just that: illegal, reckless, and deadly. Driving on public roads is a privilege, not a right. So always consider the consequences of driving reckless on the streets and understand you put your and innocent bystanders’ lives at risk.

The National Hot Rod Associate (NHRA) was founded over 50 years ago to combat an epidemic that existed then and still remains a serious issue today. NHRA’s original motto was and still continues to be their “dedication to safety.” Organized drag racing meets sprouted up throughout southern California in the early 1950s with a reason. Race organizers worked with law enforcement to create an alternative for speed hungry gear heads. Rather than spend time and resources trying to catch and arrest illegal street racers, sanctioning bodies began hosting drag meets, offering a safe and legal environment to race their cars.

Today, young tuners and hot-rodders are offered the same opportunities. Test ‘n Tunes are the easiest way to break into the sanctioned drag racing scene. They are inexpensive, safe, and enjoyable. Typical test ‘n tune events cost approximately $15-20. Yes, that abandoned country road is free, but just consider that for only $15 you can race on a professionally prepared and well lit racing surface that the pros race down, collect data on your car with time slips, and meet a bunch of fellow racers with your same interests.

Taking your car to the track for the first time is an exciting experience. Cruising through the pits, making laps down the track, and showing of your set of wheels is fun and rewarding. NHRA/IHRA sanctioned drag strips require strict, although reasonable technical specifications for the cars in competition. So before you get too lost in your drag strip day dreams, be certain you are brining a race ready car that is legal for on track activities.

First, buy the latest NHRA rulebook. Non-NHRA members can pick up a hardcopy of the 2010 rulebook for $10. NHRA members have the option of downloading the free online E-Book or spending $7 on a hard copy. To participate in your local tracks’ weekly bracket program or test ‘n tunes DOES NOT require a membership with that sanctioning body. The rulebook will serve as your guide to race car and safety gear requirements. Generally, the quarter-mile elapsed time and mile per hour of your vehicle will dictate specific rule requirements.

For racers entering a test ‘n tune at an NHRA sanctioned track, their car will be expected to meet specifications set forth for the Summit Racing Series. The Summit Racing Series is NHRA’s regular weekly bracket series held at NHRA member tracks. The Summit Racing Series consists of four primary classes: Super Pro (7.00 – 11.99-seconds ET), Pro (9.00 – 13.99-seconds ET), Sportsman (12.00 – 19.99-seconds ET), and Motorcycle (7.50-seconds ET and slower). Depending on the track, a High School only category may be contested.

Assuming you intend to bring your street legal vehicle to the drag strip, your car will most likely only need to comply with NHRA Summit Racing Series sportsman and pro class requirements and specifications.

So you’ve thought about it and finally have chosen to take your street vehicle to the drag strip to get a first-hand sense of what the drag strip is really all about. Don’t feel obligated to shell out your hard earned cash on a top notch race only drag car right away. Simply taking your street vehicle to a test ‘n tune will give you a feel for the drag strip and help you decide if this is something you really want to get involved in. For many racers, one blast down the drag strip commits them for life, as they instantly become addicted. That’s a good thing. Yes, it is an expensive sport, hobby, or profession but you can spend your money, time, and effort in far worse ways.

So you have your bone stock street vehicle and the desire to drag race. Now what? Well, it is pretty simple at this point: go drag racing! Well, almost. Let’s take a quick look at the driver credential requirements.

All drivers at any level racing on an NHRA-sanctioned drag strip are required to have a state or government issued drivers license that exceeds a learner’s permit. If, however, you plan to compete at an NHRA divisional or national level event, you will need an NHRA membership and an NHRA competition license. There are also required licenses for drivers who run 9.99-seconds or quicker. There are four license-Types: Type-A: Longer than 125″ wheelbase (typically dragsters), Type-B: 125″ wheelbase or shorter (funny cars or door cars), Type-C: Pro Stock and Pro Modified classes, and Type-D: Reserved for motorcycle or all-terrain type vehicles. To each license type are various classes signifying what specific classes or ETs that license permits the driver to run. For all specially licensed drivers running 9.99-seconds or quicker, a physical is required before licensing can begin.

As suggested in the NHRA rulebook, novice racers are invited to seek advice in getting started by calling NHRA headquarters, (626) 914-4761.

The Importance of Badminton Court Floor Maintenance in this year

Both Synthetic and wooden flooring surfaces are widely used for Badminton courts or as multi-sports courts in schools, colleges and community sports centers. The synthetic sports flooring’s come in a variety of bright color combinations, logos and markings to produce an impressive and inviting appearance of a sports facility.

However, frequent use of the sports surface flooring causes accumulation of scuff marks and dirt on the surface from the shoes worn by the athletes. The accumulated dirt and scuff marks make the floor look dull, dirty and worn out, which necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance to retain its shine and safety.

Given below some tips about how to clean and maintain the synthetic Badminton court flooring for long and repeated uses.

Daily maintenance do’s and don’ts:

• Check and remove sticky substances such as tapes, chewing gum, etc. Be careful and gentle while scraping the surface.

• Use a microfiber dust mop, specially designed for indoor sports surface floorings, to clean the entire surface. Avoid using commercial mop heads because they leave residues on the floor. Make sure, you are using the right moping surface meant for your surface- wooden or synthetic.

• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or full strength strippers. Use only the floor cleaner as suggested by the manufacturer to clean the surface.

• You can use an auto-scrubber with the recommended floor cleaning solution to clean the synthetic surface. But never use the auto-scrubber on a wooden surface. If you are using battery operated auto-scrubber charge the battery well before use to avoid acid leaks

• In buildings where air-conditioning is not available use circulating or ventilating fans.

• To clean the floor before an important tournament or event, use clean spirit / thinner/ white vinegar and mop the floor in one direction to regain the shine.

• Restrict using street shoes in the court. No leather shoes or sandals should be allowed on the flooring. Only sneakers with white soles should be allowed.

Maintenance tips for wooden floors

o Power sanding should be done every 2-3 years interval. It removes minor undulations, resulted from the repeated use and restore coarseness needed for good grip. Also it gains a fresh look.

o Use antiskid surface coating time to time to enhance foot-grip for the players.

o Damaged planks must be replaced immediately to retain the healthy playing conditions.

o Scrape off the old paint near the badminton net poles and apply fresh paint. Give an overall fresh look to your badminton court flooring with a periodic repaint of your existing net poles.

o It is important to keep the sports surface clean. This can be done using hand pads with eco- friendly wooden floor cleaning liquid to remove dirty and rigid gum.

It is highly imperative to have clearly visible court line markings to help players take correct judgments in a fraction of a moment during the game. The bright marking lines also improve the overall look of the court.

Gas and Electric Go Karts – Pros and Cons in this year

Go karting enthusiasts have more options these days than they’ve ever had in the past. It used to be if you wanted a cool go kart, you took the gas engine out of your dads john deer lawnmower without his permission and you faced the consequences later.

Now with the significant increase in technology over the last 10 years, you have the ability to choose an electric powered cart over a gas powered one. The real question is, “which one is better”? Really that’s a decision only you can make, but with some knowledge and research, you’ll be sure to make the best decision for yourself.

Gas Powered Go Kart


  1. Power – a gas engine will have more horsepower and therefore a greater top speed than an electric engine
  2. Ride time – you’ll have longer ride times with a gas powered kart, whereas an electric kart will need to be charged more often.
  3. Durability


  1. Safety – less suitable for children due to the increase in speeds
  2. Emissions – due to the gas being used, fumes are emitted and therefore riders risk inhaling the fumes, not great for indoor tracks
  3. Maintenance costs – gas engines have more mechanical parts and therefore more problems can arise.

Electric Powered Go Kart


  1. Safety – more suitable for younger children, speeds and chances of rollovers are decreased significantly
  2. Maintenance costs – with less mechanical parts to have problems you’re overall cost will be much less
  3. Emissions – with a battery powered kart there are NO emissions. This is safer for your child as well as the environment.
  4. Price – prices are usually around $200 dollars whereas a gas powered kart can be up to $500


  1. Ride time – for every minute of riding you need one minute of charge time. This reduces ride time significantly.
  2. Power – even though technology has improved vastly over the years, electric go karts still can’t perform quite as well as a gas powered one in terms of sheer power.
  3. Durability – most electric carts built for the consumer market tend to be built with lower quality frames because they aren’t made for high performance.

So as you can see there are many pros and cons to each type of go cart. In my opinion they seem to be evenly matched and it basically will come down to your personal preferences and what is best for your situation. Many indoor race tracks use both electric and gas, so you could go and try out both before you make your decision.

Whatever you choose, I know you’ll have a ton of fun and make a lot of memories with your family. So get out there and have a go!

What Function Does a Cabin Air Filter Serve in My Car? in this year

As you drive down the road and realize you are getting hot, you turn on the AC and expect to wait a few minutes for the air to get cool and make the rest of the ride comfortable. But it doesn’t get cool after a few minutes. A smack on the dashboard returns no more results and you give in and roll down the window a crack. What is wrong with the AC now when it worked just fine a week ago. Or did it?

Many air conditioning systems in cars that were built after the year 2000 have what is called a cabin air filter inside of them. The cabin air filter sits outside of the engine area and filters air that comes from the outside and in to the AC system. The air filter will get rid of a lot of pollutants getting in the cabin of the vehicle. But, imagine a filter on the outside and what else it can pick up when it drives down the road, mile after mile? Cabin air filters can easily get clogged.

A cabin air filter that hasn’t been changed recently can make the AC in the car not work or not work as efficiently. With a clogged air filter, no air can get in – it is simple as that. So when you recently tried to turn on the AC and it didn’t produce results, it might be an easy fix as to just switch out the filter.

Skipping the filter can be expensive if you don’t have the ability to do it yourself. However, it isn’t something you can go without doing, especially if you have discovered the AC doesn’t work. Check with your mechanic or dealer and see what the cost is for a filter. They might even be able to look at it and see if that is initially the problem or if there is something else, more sinister going on with the AC system.

The cabin air filter works to keep bad air out of the cabin when it comes in for the cooling process. The air molecules it can keep out include pollen, dirt from the road, pollutants from the air, road grime, dust, dirt, leaves and anything else flying around on the road. The air filter works just like a filter does on the furnace of the home or an air purifying system. Frequent changing of the filters is best and will keep everyone inside a little bit healthier. The cleaner the air, the better it is for those with allergies or even asthma and need to have clean air in order to feel good all of the time.

Top 7 Car Mods Under $1000 in this year

Every car can benefit from modifications, whether the benefit is improved performance or aesthetics; mods can do wonders for your car. The million dollar question is where do you start? There are thousands of different things you can add to your car, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and overkill your new car.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 modifications you can get started with, adding them to your ride without worrying about going over the top, also we have kept in mind that modifying cars is expensive so each mod in this list can be purchased for $1000 or less.

1.Lowering springs.

Slamming a car to the ground can make for some good looks. Not only will the car benefit from its improved looks as a tarmac scraper but nose dive under hard breaking will be greatly reduced, as well as body roll in fast corners. There are three typical options to choose from with regard to upgrading springs to lower a car: lowering springs, coil overs, and shock kits, the choice is yours and will most likely be based on budget.

Expected Cost: $100+

2. Tires and Rims

The mod that could have taken No. 1, rims and tires are one of the most essential car mods out there. Every year you will catch kids in boosted 4 bangers who forgot to buy the most essential mod to compliment such dramatic performance gains… BETTER RIMS AND TIRES. Good rubber and lightweight rims will do wonders to your car as it will help put your power to the pavement as well as significantly improve cornering. You can buy pre-assembled packages online with relative ease, just visit tirerack enter your vehicle specifications and all the rim sizes for your car will populate the screen.

Expected Cost: $800+

3. Aftermarket deck

Stock radio decks are usually not very good, and would not be able to handle quality aftermarket speakers and subs. When it comes to aftermarket decks your choices are endless, with so many different companies delivering quality products your choices really are endless. It comes down to what features are important to you, once you decide between touch screen or conventional, the number of aux/usb inputs, iPod functionality… the list goes on but once you’ve decided on these features your rolling.

Expected Cost: $80+

4. Amp, Speakers, Sub

Now that you’ve got your new feature rich deck you’re going to need some quality speakers, and a decent sub to deliver the premier music experience. When it comes to speakers you are basically going to be shopping for size, and whether or not they have built in tweeters. Once you have your speakers picked out you’re going to need a decent size subwoofer, one 10 inch will usually do good in giving you all that much needed bass… And don’t forget an amp to power it all.

Expected Cost: $350+

5. Steering Wheel

A nice aftermarket steering wheel can really add to the look of an interior. Picking out a steering wheel is pretty simple, just go for a style that you like and away you go. Just keep in mind that cars with airbags will need to have the airbags removed in order to throw in an aftermarket wheel, also certain municipalities may have some things to say about cars with standard safety features (airbags) removed, so make it your due diligence to check before you pick one up.

Expected Cost: $120+

6. Shift Knob

Reasons for changing your shift knob are shared with why you’ve decided to add a new steering wheel… its cool? Just unscrew your old shift knob and find a new one that you like, screw it in and off you go.

Expected Cost: $25+

7. Cold air intake

More airflow in your engine does many things small things for your car. First adding an intake will give you improved throttle response, that you will definitely feel coming off the line. Second, more cold air in your motor means more power (gains will not be huge, expect anywhere from 8hp to as low as 1 or 2hp gains). Lastly an intake will give your car an appealing ‘sucking’ sound as you put on the gas, sound of your engine sucking in a lot more air than with the stock air filter.

Expected Cost: $100+

Top 3 Advantages of a Car DVR That Make the Device a Must For All Car Owners in this year

Because of the challenges of insecurity in the present society, the Car DVR is now a tool for people who would like to keep their vehicle under surveillance against theft or accidents. Yet, most people have not come to appreciate its importance as a security and safety facility for their cars.

The term “DVR” means digital video recorder. Here are top 3 benefits you can derive from a car DVR if it is installed in your car.

First and foremost, it is advisable to get the DVR system for all vehicles, most especially emergency vehicles like taxis or cabs since they pick and drop people throughout the day. If you unknowingly pick up an alcoholic passenger at a late night time, you may be in a dangerous situation. Nonetheless, if the digital video recorder is already installed in your car, it will offer you extra security. You will be able to document the complete events that may transpire between you and your passenger, if peradventure you face any threatening behaviour from such a passenger. This will be good evidence for you to defend yourself during the investigations of law enforcement agencies.

The Car DVR can also be used to address the claims of accidents. The system is being used today to record all the events of a journey so that if an accident happens, the footage of the video will serve as evidence. The documentations of the camera play a vital role in protecting you from wrong accusations on the cause of the accident; it also prevents the possibility of high claims from your insurance company. The documentations of the DVR system consist of the condition of the road, the traffic load, the weather condition at the time the accident takes place, and the behavior or act of the driver prior to the crash. These are useful for investigations.

The device is quite beneficial too as regards giving you the consciousness of safe driving. You will want to drive carefully, knowing that you’re being monitored by the camera. So, it helps to develop a good driving habit in compliance with traffic rules and regulations. By so doing, the chances of having an auto crash coupled with its attending insurance claims will be greatly reduced.

DVR systems come in a wide variety of small sizes, thus making it easy to mount them on your vehicle’s windshield or the dashboard. A car DVR is ideal for trucks, cars or any other kind of vehicle. Even if you want to capture interesting events that are taking place on the road, you should opt for this device. You just need to search for the type that you like from the available options being offered at online stores.

Excuses to Not Have Insurance in this year

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of individuals who have a car but no car insurance? Do you ever let someone else drive your car? Have you ever wondered while driving if the person next to you has car Insurance? I think about it all the time. The truth is that there’s no real way to ever know who has insurance and who doesn’t have insurance until something drastic happens. I want to talk about some of the myths that I have heard either in person, on the radio driving or in court. Yes, I said court. You would be surprised of the responses someone gives a judge regarding not having car insurance.

One of the top excuses to not have car insurance is the mindset of not getting caught. If you have been in the car with someone without insurance you can normally tell by the way they’re driving. They are constantly looking in the mirrors, slowing down to avoid attention when they see a police car. As a car owner you should know that most states require drivers to have the states minimums for bodily injury and liability coverage to drive legally.

Another excuse is that their car is a piece of junk so no insurance is needed. Well, rather you think your car is junk or not they realize it or not the car gets you from one place to another. So, protecting your car is worth it. After all, working hard to purchase the car should give you the desire to preserve it? Just imagine your life without it. At the same time all vehicles require insurance no matter the condition.

You might hear someone say I have my own medical insurance and that should be enough to protect me if I get hurt. Personal insurance and car insurance are separate entities. If you think about it most people take out the bare amount of coverage on their jobs due to price. Do you realize when you’re in a car accident there are other cost involved? Will your work insurance pay for the ambulance expenses? These expenses can add up if there’s more than one car involved in the collision and it’s your fault. If you know you have the bare amount of coverage go ahead and get a quote for insurance that offers medical. That will give you one less thing to worry about.

I will never get sued is another saying people think is a reason to not have coverage for their cars. We live in a lawsuit happy society. People will sue you over the smallest of things and win because the either know the law or have a great lawyer. I learned from a popular movie that with the legal system that it’s not about what the crime is but rather what you can prove.

I got luck on my side. I can tell you right now that luck has nothing to do with someone wanting to steal, vandalized, or damaged your car. What happens if a storm comes and damages the car? Who pays for it? Can you afford to pay out-of-pocket expenses? Don’t risk the losses.

At the end of the day having a piece of mind is what comes when you’re covered. Great auto car insurance with a quality policy protects you against whatever may happen to you on the road.